An ecollective case study

Helping the UK build back better

We created a tool and calculated the data to make sustainable growth easier.

Our challenge

Funded by Innovate UK, ecollective and Ethos VO made it easier for local destinations to see opportunities for economic growth that would benefit both people and the environment.

When it comes to decision making, our total impact tool makes it easier to see the risks and opportunities of new ideas. Everyone wants to increase the positive impact of tourism and our tool shows how best to go about that.

ecollective economic impact

Economic Impact


Environmental Impact

ecollective mental impact

Social Impact

Making destinations smarter

For too long tourism policies have been made on outdated or unquantifiable assumptions. Yes, tourism has benefits but it’s important to measure the negative impact too. When it comes to destinations, you want to make sure your tourism growth strategy is as beneficial as possible to the economy, its citizens and environment.

The right kind of visitor

No two visitors are the same. The economic impact of a cruise tourist may be the same as five business travellers. The environmental impact of an international family holiday may be the same as three domestic tourists. Our tool will help destinations focus their attention on visitors based on their demographic and the activities they like to do.

Destinations Case Study

“ is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development.”

Dr Ian Campbell - Innovate UK Executive Chair

The result

There is clear proof that certain types of tourist should be targeted by certain destinations in order to maximise the benefits of the visitor economy. Destinations will build back better and smarter.

A call to action

All destinations need to start changing their KPIs when it comes to tourism. No more total visitor targets - we want to see more of a holistic approach. The challenge for destinations is to increase the economic impact and reduce the negative environmental impact, per visitor.

A little bit about our wonderful partner on this project:

Ethos VO is a creative innovation collective led by a network of social entrepreneurs with one common goal: to create sustainable and innovative solutions that improve human life, work and well-being for all.

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