An ecollective case study

Matching ambitious growth with a decreasing carbon footprint.

Our challenge

Adventure Tours UK trips are good for the soul, good for local businesses and now have a minimal carbon footprint.

A young business with exciting growth plans, Adventure Tours UK runs small group adventures - and much, much more. We worked with them to make sure their carbon footprint was as low as it could be, while making it easy to build new products with the same low-carbon values.

carbon and small group adventures
61kg CO2e average group tour footprint
local tree planting

Local tree planting

the carbon footprint of your website

71.9kg CO2e website-related emissions


Travel has many benefits to both destinations and people, so let's redesign how we travel. And make it better for ourselves and our planet. Claire, co-founder of Adventure Tours UK, feels the same and wants to build better holidays.


To measure the tour company's footprint, we needed to accurately measure their suppliers' footprints. We had to find the carbon footprint of every element of the tours - from hotels to boat rides, picnics and mountain hikes. Sound daunting? Not at all - our tool makes it easy to choose suppliers not simply on price and quality, but also on their environmental impact.


"ecollective have turned our ambition for low impact adventures into hard facts we can be proud of and accountable for. The team delivered a smooth project from beginning to end and we now have the means to proactively reduce our carbon footprint. I highly recommend working with them."

Claire Copeman - Co-founder of Adventure Tours UK

Local tree planting

When it comes to offsets, credibility is essential. Which is why Adventure Tours UK planted trees locally. In partnership with one of their suppliers, they will plant native broadland trees to last the test of time.

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The outcome

Simply put, Adventure Tours UK has committed to reducing their carbon footprint year on year. In a way that does not negatively impact - but actually enhances - their business.

No time wasting. No empty promises. Just quantifiable improvements and positive change.

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