An ecollective case study

Partnering with this high growth company, that focuses on offering the best 2% of holiday homes around the world, came with its own unique challenges.

The mission: Calculate and reduce their carbon footprint

Oliver's Travels have always had strong environmental values, championed by their founders and the team. In 2019, they wanted to turn their beliefs into actions. The challenge was firstly how to measure the environmental impact of thousands of privately owned villas across the world. And secondly, when we had the information, how to get the property owners to reduce their carbon footprint without incurring personal expense or reducing the customer experience?

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5000+ Villas
Carbon Dioxide reductions
CO2 reductions
New revenue streams

The starting block: Carbon measurement in travel

Working with us, we quickly defined the goals and a new sustainable mission statement for the business, galvanizing the team and getting key stakeholders on board. An efficient supplier audit was created. We knew what questions to ask in order to measure the CO2 footprint of any villa, anywhere in the world. It didn't stop there though, we continued with office audits and in-depth analysis of the product to make sure all bases were covered.

Working with suppliers was only half the project. The next steps involved communicating with customers. Using the latest studies and practices, our aim was to influence customer behaviour. This had to be done in a way that benefited local communities as well as the environment and didn't feel like a chore. Finally, there was the added opportunity of marketing the actions we had been taking. We wanted to make sure customers felt part of the journey. We grew the Oliver's Travels community without greenwashing.

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"Partnering with ecollective gave us the needed data and know-how to bring our mission to life. In getting results, ecollective delivered in spades."

Ravi, Co-founder of Oliver's Travels

The Results

✔️ A simple and easy plan to reduce average CO2 emissions per villa by 20% YoY.
✔️ New and profitable revenue streams through partnerships.
✔️ The ability to become a carbon-neutral business by 2020.
✔️ Increased supplier and customer communication.
✔️ Clear and open data for the marketing team to shout about.

We are proud to say, ecollective delivered an opportunity to make more money while reducing carbon footprint, our very own mission statement. Naturally, we cannot give all the details here, but this is ultimately what we aim to achieve on all our projects. A chance for businesses to become more commercially successful while benefiting the planet.

Although their carbon footprint was initially large, we saw huge opportunities for improvement. As well as a great reason to be optimistic, compared to competitors.

By focusing on what's important, ecollective made it easy for stakeholder engagement without taking shortcuts, like other consultancies might do. The key is to use complex science with a simple and easy approach. We get rid of the jargon and use clear KPIs to allow teams to measure their own performance. It's the only way for companies to make a real difference.

Our approach brings sustainability and makes financial success possible.

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