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Far & Wild take handcrafted holidays to the next level. No two trips are the same. Now they are the first tailor-made tour operator to provide carbon footprints with every holiday quote.

Our Challenge

Founded by Ben Morison, Far & Wild is a leading tailor-made travel company focusing on Africa.

The vision, led by Ben, is to create unique and meaningful experiences. Not just for customers and staff, but for the wider communities they’re connected with. Being a leading voice in tackling the climate crisis is a crucial part of this mission.

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22 countries covered

1,000+ data points

Carbon Labelling software

1 carbon labelling tool

The Brief

Far and Wild’s aim of this project was to reduce the carbon footprint of their incredible trips. The challenge is that no two trips are the same and cover several countries. The ecollective method is first to measure the total footprint per trip. So we got to work on a carbon calculator that was easy to use, easy to scale and highly accurate.

Analysis and design

We dug into the detail. And got to work measuring the footprint of all accommodation, transport services and flights. But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to find out what had the most impact so how we could help design the future of Far & Wild’s sustainable travel - from hot air balloon rides to sunset safari drives.

Far & Wild Case Study

"Traditional certification companies are not designed for the dynamics of such a tour operator. Only ecollective could provide a bespoke solution and deliver an excellent tool that we trust."

Ben Morison - Director of Far & Wild, The FlipFlopi & Board at ATTA

A Far & Wild footprint

Far & Wild’s carbon footprint consists of all GHGs (Greenhouse gas emissions) the company releases - in each and every area of activity. The GHGs predominantly come from customers' trips, particularly hotels and flights (although some hotels scored very well). Whilst Far & Wild do not control these emissions, they can influence them. Therefore, the company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their trips through design.

A sustainable future

Far & Wild is going to make it easier for all stakeholders to make smarter choices. Travel experts creating the trips will immediately see what can be adapted to reduce the carbon footprint. Customers can request changes to limit their emissions and have the option to offset their entire trip.

Making it easy to understand your carbon footprint is key to fighting the climate crisis.

Want to find out more about Far & Wild? Email, he is a lovely chap.

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