Good for Business, Good for the Planet.

Forget the noise, we make sustainability work for your business & your customers to drive positive change.

As sustainable consultants we work alongside existing travel businesses who want to do more but do not know where to start. Our numbers based approach is designed for product teams. ecollective give quick and easy results that make a positive difference to profit, people and the planet.

We have always been passionate about making our business better for the planet. Partnering with ecollective, gave us the needed data and know-how to bring our mission to life. But by delivering the results and a clear path to measure our performance, ecollective delivered in spades and we are all so pleased for the guidance.

- Ravi Co-founder, Oliver's Travels

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The ecollective mission

Our vision is to provide the solutions to transform the travel industry for tomorrows world.

Start to measure, track and reduce carbon emissions in the tourism industry for a zero carbon world.

By adopting new technologies into your operations along with our data. We can enable business leaders to obtain sustainable growth.


Grow financial, environmental and social value through our business-first approach to sustainability.

We help corporations see how sustainability can help the triple bottom line, resulting in growth and attractive commercial results.

To increase the positive impacts of tourism.

Travel should and can be a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Our projects help to make sure we all benefit, from the customer to the local communities.


Don't stop innovating, make better products.

Get in touch with our team of sustainable travel specialists, to find out how.

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Our job as a result driven sustainable travel consultancy

1How much does it cost?
No project is the same, so the costs depend on the scope, the man-hours and level of scientific data needed to complete the task at hand. One thing does remain constant though and that is our aim to make your business more profitable. Our approach to sustainability is to make it work for business. This is not just about doing the right thing for the planet but about making sure businesses with a purpose do well financially.

For an exact quote get in touch with our team who can provide some numbers.
2How long does it take?
Our most common projects take around 8 - 12 working days which is often spread over 2 to 3 months. The speed of the project is dictated by you. Previous projects have been anywhere from a week to an ongoing retainer.

We are experts in what we do so if you have a tight deadline, let us know and ecollective will reach it.

In terms of your time needed in this project, this is decided by you. We have worked with businesses who have taken on 90% of the leg work, to other companies who want us to deliver the project without any involvement from them.
3Our business may not be big enough?
There is no business too small to start applying our cost-saving methods. Smaller businesses naturally find our approach easier to apply before bad habits start. Most businesses ecollective work with tend to range between 7 - 80 employees. For our methods, the size of your business does not impact how we go about achieving our results.
4We do not have a CSR team
This is not a problem. CSR teams tend to look at how you spend your money but as sustainable travel consultants, we like to focus on how you earn it. Our sustainable approach can increase your numbers whilst benefitting the planet, your suppliers and your employees.
5I am not sure this applies to my business.
I am pleased to say we don't get asked this that often. Most business leaders know it is the right thing to do for their business and their customers.

Yet, some business leaders do struggle to see how sustainability can bring positive returns as well as be the best use of their time.

If you need convincing let us tell you about our recent results. How ecollective have worked with businesses to transform their approach and results.

There is no better time than now. The benefits of becoming a purpose-driven business are often under-estimated.
6I want to do this but don't think our suppliers or our customers will care?
Sadly we hear his far too often and it is simply not true.

Our results for normal everyday businesses whose success relies upon the general public purchasing their products confirms this.

If anything we are finding the opposite is coming true. Customers and employees are expecting businesses to do more, take more responsibility and take actions. This is how brands gain trust and this is how to stand out in the 21st century. Our approach is not to transform your business into a charity or an NGO. We work with you to make your product even better, for the customer and the planet. It is a win-win situation for all involved.
7Is ecollective a certification company?
No, we do not believe that a business should stop aiming to improve once you have become a sustainably certified company. ecollective consultants believe that every business should have sustainability as part of their DNA and mission statement. This means no matter how good your business is, you should also strive to improve and be open to new ideas that may have a positive impact on the world.

We also do not believe that you should aspire to be an 'ecollective certified business'. We want to work with your team to make your organisation sustainable and internationally renowned for being better than the rest. Spending thousands of pounds on a badge and someone with an outdated clipboard is not the solution.

In our knowledge hub, we follow similar guidelines to most sustainable certification companies. We have added some of our own that will make your business smarter too. Certification companies add far too much paperwork and that is one of the reasons we started. Becoming sustainable should not be a hassle or a financial burden.
8What is special about ecollective?
Unlike traditional consultancies or certification companies, we are designed to work for businesses. We understand the operations of your business and the realities of supporting a team.

Ecollective is here to help you become more sustainable, more profitable and an all-around better business for the planet. We do this without creating extra paperwork all for a much more affordable price. We know you are busy, ecollective does not want to add to that.

The questions ecollective can answer for your business

We don't shy away from the tricky questions or the ones that no one wants to answer. Many questions, especially around sustainability, result in 'so what!'. As sustainable travel specialists we make sure the questions and therefore the answers make a difference to your financial results.


What is our carbon footprint and how can I reduce it without reducing sales?

How can I collect data without spending hours and hours on additional work?

What is the negative impact and associated risks of our business?

How much of our costs go towards the local communities our customers visit?

How can we stand out as market leaders in our area of the industry?

and so much more....


What happens next?

The process starts with one person saying I believe in this and I want this to happen.