Data, data, data ...

Did we mention we love data? We'll use it to measure, manage and improve your sustainability performance.

With an increased desire to build back better, now is the right time to analyse supply chains and improve the sustainability of trips.

What’s sustainable travel and where do I start?
Travel can be hugely beneficial to the planet. There are numerous studies highlighting the positive impact it can have on mental wellbeing. It breaks down prejudices and is an efficient redistributor of wealth. However, travel also comes with its own set of negative implications including carbon emissions, plastic waste and over-tourism.

In a year when travel has almost ground to a halt, we have an amazing opportunity to not only increase the positive impact we bring, but also reduce the negative. We’d like to explain how to go about this, using your own data in a simple, practical and repeatable way.

1. Set a sustainable goal. Think big and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals for inspiration. Begin by picking one or two you want your business to be known for. And then challenge yourself and your team by setting a target goal for three year’s time.

2. Choose a sustainable KPI that if improved will positively impact your business, your customers and the planet. For example, take average carbon emissions per customer.

3. Practise what you preach. It’s likely your office and operations will be a fraction of your overall carbon emissions or negative outcomes. But analysing this data is an important step in getting the wider team behind your mission. It is really easy too.

4 Start asking your supply chain the questions you need answered. Use the latest technology, so that collecting responses is quick, easy and automated. Don’t let perfection or cynicism put you off. People really do want to change for the better. And we have seen amazing results from all around the world.

5 Calculate the responses into a KPI. And challenge your team to continue measuring your supply chains and improving the results.

6 Change what is easy. You’re not expected to transform overnight. But we should all be making significant changes to operations that positively impact business and the planet. These are win-win changes that will make your business stand out.

Follow these six straightforward steps and you’ll see year-on-year improvements. Forget long boring checklists. (Not to mention hours and hours of admin.) Start innovating what you offer and you’ll really begin to build back better.


"The good news is, that businesses don't have to make a choice between profitability and having a bigger purpose."
- James Thornton, CEO Intrepid


A huge part of any well-run business is transparency. We should be proud of the sustainable actions we are taking as a business and have a wider responsibility to be open and accountable. We are in a global crisis and successes and improvements need to be shared.

Increasing the purpose of your business has several direct and indirect benefits. Here are a few we have seen from our projects:
✔️ Improved Supply Chains
✔️ Improved Brand Image
✔️ Improved Staff Retention
✔️ Increased Partnership Opportunities
✔️ Increased Efficiency
✔️ Lower Costs
✔️ Happier Customers
✔️ Smaller Environmental Impact

There has never been a better time to make small but powerful changes to what we do. Your actions will deliver positive results. And if you need a helping hand, ecollective is here to provide the expertise to maximise those returns.


"Only ecollective could provide a bespoke solution and deliver an excellent tool that we trust."

Ben Morison - Director of Far & Wild