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When it comes to building back better, Natural Britain has the numbers to back it up. All of their products come with a carbon label.

Our challenge

The team, led by Mark, finds exciting experiences and hotels where sustainability must come first. Fully aware of the carbon impact international trips can have, they wanted to shine a light on the adventures we can have right here on our doorstep - with the numbers to back it up. Find out how ecollective made this happen for them.

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25.5 kg CO2e avg p.p

Carbon Labelling software


The brief

Natural Britain wants to make it easy for customers to find and compare the best sustainable adventures, so giving a transparent carbon label on each of their products was an easy choice. Their goal is to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as those of their suppliers, so they are known as the home of Britain’s most sustainable adventures.

What happened next

Collecting information from the team and their suppliers allowed us to quickly calculate the emissions of their adventures, experiences and hotels. We compiled all the data into one simple tool to compare each supplier for accuracy and benchmarking.

For example, their three day Scotland adventure emits 52kg of CO2e per person, with 34% of the emissions coming from the accommodation used.


“We want to create a new way forward for tourism and reducing our carbon footprint is a big part of that. Using ecollective to accurately measure our footprint was quick, easy and set us up to add more products.”

Mark Wright - Managing Director of Natural Britain & The Adventure Connection

The impact

We knew travelling domestically would always be better, but we didn’t expect to see such low carbon footprints. With all the calculations completed, Natural Britain was able to launch their business in 2020 with national press recognition for their work on raising environmental awareness.

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A cleaner future

Natural Britain is leading the way when it comes to low carbon travel. Providing the facts on carbon footprint is key to fighting the climate crisis. And our work has helped them turn environmental passion into profitable action.

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