Trust happens when we are transparent.

Let’s be clear

Against a backdrop of fake news, clickbait and misinformation, it’s essential to be authentic and transparent.

The increasing pressure from investors, customers and organisations to report on carbon, is matched only by the growing requirement for companies to provide transparent numbers.

At ecollective, our goal is for sustainability reporting to become the norm. In 2019, 46% of UK businesses aimed to be carbon neutral by 2030. We want it to be 100%.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we use a method that consistently provides the most accurate picture of the impact your product or service is having. And what’s really exciting, is the data behind our calculations is constantly improving.

Our credentials for counting carbon

Calculating emissions can be easy or complicated - it depends on the nature of your business. However, our process remains the same.

All our results come in as a total of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). The impact of other gases, like methane and nitrous oxide, are included in one simple score to make reporting easier.

We follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). It’s the most widely used emissions reporting standard, created when the WRI* and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development identified the need for an international standard for corporate GHG measurement. By 2016, 92% of Fortune 500 companies reporting to the CDP were using GHG Protocol as the basis for their reporting.

We may use ISO 14064, another standard for measuring carbon. ISO 14064 doesn't provide strict guidelines for the categorization of indirect emissions, and reporting requirements are different. However, in principle, the emissions covered by both standards are almost identical.

It’s imperative we use up-to-date emissions databases to make smarter decisions. And so it goes without saying, the secondary data we use is accurate and certified. And for the most part, we rely on DEFRA, EPA and IEA*.


Join us on a journey to solve the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

Let's get started

Transparency and change

Let’s set a challenge to be better year on year. And reduce negative environmental impact.

We know we have limited time to understand where we can have the biggest positive influence. And so at ecollective, we use intelligent software that manages sustainable indicators, to create change. Being transparent will make it a lot easier to measure performance. And stay ahead of the competition.

A credible solution

We believe businesses really can improve their services and make sustainable change to benefit people, planet and profit.

We stay away from anything that compromises our credibility. Unlike other companies, we are not incentivised to sell carbon offsets or provide misleading statements. We are independent, answerable to our clients and free to do the right thing.

We want to be part of the solution to the climate crisis. If you feel the same way, let us be part of your journey.


WRI (World Resources Institute)
DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
IEA (International Energy Agency)
TMATR (Too many acronyms to remember)

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