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From 1-hour team sessions to weekly sprints. Our sustainability workshops can help your business positively impact the climate crisis for years to come.

When it comes to carbon we are the experts

and we can save you time and money when it solving the carbon problem.

Over the years we've found that sustainable strategies get the best results when they are kept simple and compliment your business.

Once we have factored in the needs of your customer, the constraints of the team and what we need to achieve, we are then able to create laser-targeted campaigns that really work. In a Carbon Reduction Workshop you’ll work through exercises that will give you new clarity and new ideas to bring to life.

We’re based in London but can recreate these sessions over Zoom and happy to travel.


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Frequently asked Questions

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What is the most popular sustainability workshop?

We tailor every workshop for each business and the opportunity in front of them. However, most businesses have either just started or are looking to start their sustainable journey.

Most workshops are therefore normally based on one of two areas we specialise in. How to turn your sustainable intentions into a KPI or Changing perceptions on how sustainability can earn you money rather than where you spend money.

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We do not have a sustainable team or a CSR manager, can we join?

Yes, at ecollective we frequently work with businesses who are too small to have a fulltime sustainability team. We just need a main point of contact in your team to help. We want to make sustainability part of your DNA, so we’d need to keep senior management in the loop, as well.


Who comes to the workshops?

As many people as possible is the short answer. Typically we have between 2 - 6 people with at least one member of senior management. As members from all departments can help the business move forward, attendees do not have to be from a certain department.

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We are a start-up, budgets are tight, can we come to an arrangement?

Absolutely, we love startups, the chance to instil our processes at the beginning saves additional work down the line and will make your product stand out.


Can you do an online workshop?

Yes, As much as we'd love to meet you all in person, if it's more convenient we can do our workshops online via video call.

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