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Sustainability is often seen as a bore, time-consuming and unrealistic. Our workshops help forward-thinking teams see the economic opportunity created by our business-first approach to making your product more sustainable.

A sample of some questions we can help answer.

Where and When?

A small selection of our favourite workshops we run:

Coffee and Croissants. - a 1-2hr breakfast session. Start the day learning how sustainability, data and product innovation go hand in hand.

Beanbags and Beers. - A relaxed afternoon understanding how purpose, planet and profit intertwine for travel companies.

The Action plan. - 4 x 2-hour sessions over the course of a month. With follow-ups and targets to achieve immediate results.

We are based in London but we are happy to travel.

Frequently asked Questions

We do not have a sustainable team or a CSR manager, can we join?
Yes, ecollective is designed to work with businesses who are often too small to have a fulltime sustainability team.

When we start we would like to have a main point of contact in your team to help. We need to integrate sustainability into your business mission statement as well as share the ethos and plan with the wider team. In order to achieve this, we need to have senior management kept in the loop.

It is up to you how many or little hours you can give of your time towards our partnership. We have the time, experience and manpower to get the job done.
Who is eligible to join or partner with Ecollective?
We take in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

To be eligible you have to work within the tourism industry and agree to abide by our ethos:

"Year on year, it is our duty to improve the positive influence our businesses can have on local communities and the environment."

It is not about wagging our finger saying this is bad or this is wrong, it is about trying to be better year on year whilst growing your business.
Is Ecollective a certification company?
No, we do not believe that a business should stop aiming to improve once you have become a sustainably certified company. We believe that every business should have sustainability as part of their DNA and mission statement. This means no matter how good your business is, you should also strive to improve and be open to new ideas that may have a positive impact on the world.

We also do not believe that you should aspire to be an 'ecollective certified business'. We want to work with your team to make your organisation sustainable and internationally renowned for being better than the rest. Spending thousands of pounds on a badge and someone with an outdated clipboard is not the solution.

In our knowledge hub, we follow similar guidelines to most sustainable certification companies. We have added some of our own that will make your business smarter too. Certification companies add far too much paperwork and that is one of the reasons we started. Becoming sustainable should not be a hassle or a financial burden.
What is the most popular workshop?
We tailor each workshop for each business and the opportunity in front of them so there is no 'off the shelf' workshop.

However, most businesses buy into our modern data-led approach to sustainability and how it can benefit them.

Here is an example overview:
Turning sustainability into a KPI

Discussion Points:
- Sustainability = Efficiency, by making your supply chain more efficient you save costs, improve stakeholder relationships and become more sustainable.
- Collecting Supply Chain data is easy, how we can start.
- How big businesses are using it to their advantage.
- Hurdles in your business and what the competition is doing (open floor).
- Product Innovation and Sustainability, making change and moving the arrow.

Optional follow-up guidance is offered to all attendees.
Who comes to the workshops?
As many people as possible!

Normally it depends on your business and how much you are currently doing in the sustainability arena.

If you aren't doing much at the moment, we recommend our workshops for founders, directors and senior managers. Our methods have a positive impact on the whole business and has to get buy-in from the top to be a long term success.

For organisations that already have a sustainable mission statement, we work primarily with product and operations teams. We show the power of small data-driven sustainable changes to their product and ultimately their profitability.

We often get requests from marketing teams too but these workshops often work a little differently. Our method benefits marketing teams as a side effect, not as the primary goal. Get in touch for more details, workshops in the past have varied from 2 to 50 people.
What is special about ecollective?
Unlike traditional consultancies or certification companies, we are designed to work for businesses. We understand the operations of your business and the realities of supporting a team.

Ecollective is here to help you become more sustainable, more profitable and an all-around better business for the planet. We do this without creating extra paperwork all for a much more affordable price. We know you are busy, we don't want to add to that.
Can I pay in another currency?
Yes, we currently accept payments in USD, GBP and EUR. We are currently in talks with our bank to open up new accounts in other currencies. Therefore, do let us know which currency you would prefer to pay in and we will let you know what we can do.
Do you accept credit card and other payment options?
Yes! We accept most forms of payment. If for some reason the payment is not successful just send us a message and we will investigate the issue and come up with a solution.

Most payments are done through bank transfers once goals are agreed.
Can I apply for the Market Leader Programme?
Yes, our market leaders get all the benefits of working with us but at a highly reduced fee of sometimes up to 50% off.

To apply as a market leader you need to show clearly that you are already a shining example to other businesses in your own mission to become a fully sustainable company. Additionally, market leaders are expected to share their wisdom and successes they have seen at their own business. In order to help guide our other members in our community.

We all have a responsibility to protect the planet and more will be achieved by working together.

To become a market leader, please get in touch with our team at with the headline 'Market Leader Application'.
We are a start-up, budgets are tight, can we come to an arrangement?
Absolutely, we love startups, the chance to instil our processes at the beginning saves additional work down the line and will make your product stand out.

Get in touch with our team at with a brief overview of your business, number of employees, etc and what you would like us to help you with.

Get more information about how we transform businesses.

Arrange a time that suits you to talk through your challenges and what we can help you with.

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